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Jan 24, 2024

Bethany Kimsey is a mother to 8 children, she empathizes with the weariness, discouragement, and stress that often accompany motherhood. Her goal is to empower others to triumph over the challenges of worry and fatigue by embracing their identity in Christ and finding solace in the hope of the Gospel.

Her desire is for this space to be a welcoming home, a place where individuals can rest, recover, discover encouragement, and delve into the truths of God’s Word. Connecting with others and growing in their identities in Christ is the focus. By anchoring who we are in Christ, the foundation is solidified, enabling us to 'go out with joy and be led forth in peace' (Is. 55:12) and overcome the discouragement that the enemy seeks to impose. Building homes where God is exalted, walking unswayed by fears or lies, and confidently growing through Jesus Christ's empowerment to nurture the next generation for the Gospel are the shared pursuits.

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