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Jul 12, 2023

In this episode: 

  •  The podcast explores expanding spiritual, mental, and physical capacities while embracing the supernatural aspects of Chrisitanity.

  •  It offers a transformative retreat experience to deepen one’s relationship with God and explore the full dimensions of their calling. 

  • The focus is on building a strong foundation rooted in Biblical principles for well-rounded growth and success in business and personal life

Guest Bio:

Author, Stella Payton has been honored to serve in multiple 7 mountain arenas including entertainment, media, education, religion, corporate and government. She is CEO of Making People Priority Consulting Group. She has hosted the weekly broadcast Better Life with Stella for more than 20 years. Stella graduated from the Patricia King Women in Ministry Internship Program. She is creator of the Online community the Chayil Circle. She has authored 9 books including, A Word in Season, Accessing the Windows of Heaven, Life Style Evangelism, Finding Vision for Life, She Lives by the River, and Customers Are People Too! New releases include Wicked Wealth, The Chayil Woman, and Becoming Chayil. “Inspiring a Spirit of Excellence”

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