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Welcome to the Net Worth It Podcast, where you receive faith based mentorship to help you create a financial legacy and boldly build income streams. Each week you will hear from one of the God Squad who will help you level up and know what is your next step.

Dec 20, 2022

Messaging is the second most common mistake people make in a launch second to mindset. Great messaging is the difference between someone buying and not buying because they don’t see how that product solves a burning desire for them. Today we will explore ways to improve your messaging in launching and selling products. 


In this episode you will learn about:

  • Where to find the words to use in your messaging and websites to help you have better knowledge about your ideal client
  •  Planning out posts 4 weeks ahead of time
  • The number one thing your messaging should convey
    • Likability
  •  Three things that need to be in the launch
    • Other people buying it
    • The results of previous customers
    • Why this solution is different than competitors



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