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Jun 19, 2024

Do you struggle with knowing when to rest vs work? Do you find yourself in a place where you start and stop your business? Would you hire you to do the work you do in your business? Do you ever find yourself lying to people because you don't want to say the truth in order to save someone's feelings?

If you answered yes to any of those, today's book club series is for you! 

Grab your copy of The 25 Biblical Laws of Success here and join us in the discussion this week!

This week on the show we are discussing the Laws of Courage, Resilience and Joy.

  • Law of Recharging: Are you resting and working properly?

  • Law of Self-Hiring: Are you showing up like you would want an employee showing up?

  • Law of Honesty: Telling the truth and doing the right thing.


Grab your book, pen, highlighter and favorite beverage and listen to today's episode.

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