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Jun 26, 2024

Laws of Names, Company You Keep and Self-Control (Guarding Your Reputation)

Are you careful who you align with?

Are you putting in the bare minimum but expecting the maximum?

Is your word credible?

If you answered yes to any of those, today's book club series is for you! 

Grab your copy of The 25 Biblical Laws of Success here and join us in the discussion this week!

This week on the show we are discussing the Laws of Courage, Resilience and Joy.

  • Law of Names: Are you reliable and have a honest name?

  • Law of Company You Keep: Partnering with those who align with your ethics and beliefs.

  • Law of Self-Control: Keeping your mind, body and time aligned

 Your word and reputation will make or break your calling. Just look at the famous preachers in the news lately who have had some things of their past come to the surface. We realized this at the Daring Daughters when we did a re-brand and subsequently deleted 6 seasons worth of podcasts that offered business advice that didn't have Biblical attachment to it. It dropped us from the charts temporarily but it was the right thing to do in order align the advice we are giving you with Biblical principles. Who you pair up with in business matters. Who you have on your podcast matters. Who you do conferences with matters. Be a light but don't hang around the dark.


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