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Welcome to the Net Worth It Podcast, where you receive faith based mentorship to help you create a financial legacy and boldly build income streams. Each week you will hear from one of the God Squad who will help you level up and know what is your next step.

Aug 7, 2019

What if you could decide one day over a night of drinking that you were going to get paid to read books?  That is what @sarahs_reads did.  She loved her job and loved how good she was at it, but she had a dream people!! 

A dream we all have (those of us reading this) in creating a life for ourselves that involves freedom and financial success.

She hired a publicist, created an instagram account and went for it.  She shares on the podcast today how to do that.

In this episode you will learn…

  • How to price your post
  • How to get noticed
  • How to engage with trolls
  • How to take pictures
  • The mindset required to be successful

You can reach Sarah at: