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Net Worth It

Jun 5, 2019

Today you will meet Dr. Scott M. Schreiber DC, MS, DACRB, DCBCN, LN, CNS who moved his family across the country to buy an established Chiropractic Business in Woodbury, MN. Dr. Schreiber speaks very candid in this episode about what he learned, why the risk was worth it and how to stand out in a flooded market.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Scott, his wife Carey and their two kids. Scott tells you practical questions you should ask when looking at buying a business and things to consider as well as really amazing mindset principles that are necessary to make it past the fear of the decision.

Dr. Schreiber is the owner of MN Spine and Sport in Woodbury, MN.  He is a chiropractic physician that is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition.  His practice focuses on athletes, those that have or want an active lifestyle, and weekend warriors.  Many patients seek out Dr. Schreiber’s advice and treatment when other methods have failed.

He has spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training including acupuncture, the McKenzie method, Kinesiotaping, functional movement screen, post-surgical rehabilitation, and nutrition; he is dedicated to getting his patients better as fast as possible using the best available evidence and technology.

He is the treasurer of the American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council and the editor of the Journal of the North American Rehabilitation Specialist.  Most recently, he was awarded the 2018 American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Chiropractor of the Year.

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