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Dec 26, 2018

Next week after all the holiday hustle bustle is over you are going to check your bank statement and FREAK OUT.  Guess what- that is NORMAL. It happens to me every year and I even pay attention to our money. I keep a spreadsheet of what I am spending for Christmas and even when I try, I still seem to spend emotionally. It’s so easy to buy our emotions over Christmas.  Today’s episode is all about learning how to be a grown up about your money and where to start. The highlights of this episode are:

  • Getting real about your money

  • The power of budgeting

  • Live confidently and sleep deeply with your finances

  • Raw and Realness about money conversations

  • Her wishes and dreams for her own life

  • How Lynne wants you to get to your dreams

  • How to get out of financial holes

  • Figuring out what emotion you are trying to buy with your money


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What are the ways you need to be a grown up about your money?

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