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Dec 19, 2018

Is your family or health suffering because of your dreams? Are you in a place where you don’t even like your wife or husband?  Have you exercised this week? Are you stressed to the max? Are you ready to start investing in the housing market? This episode is for YOU.

This week is all about well-being in the grind and some nice tips on real-estate investing.  

Mike and I have been through the ringer in our marriage and while the details about what we have been through are for our counselors and Jesus, we are vocal about the fact that rough times have been a part of our story.

We are stronger because of all we have been through.  Every fight, tear and harsh word spoken heals over with stronger bonds.  Just like a muscle that gets stronger from being broken down, so have we become stronger through this.  My mission is to help everyone have a better quality of life and that includes in your marriage.

This week’s episode is guest Sean Zalmanoff. Sean Zalmanoff is a respected Speaker, Coach, Loan Officer, Real Estate Investor, and host of Next Level Loan Officers Podcast.

Sean entered the mortgage industry in 2002, where he spent the better part of his first year in the business learning all of the tips, habits, and ‘best practices’ that he has since determined to be the underlying reason why the mortgage industry is broken.

He knew there had to be a better way to run a business, so Sean started forging a new path for himself and his team, which lead him to the world of business and mortgage coaching. Sean now manages several mortgage offices throughout the country that produce over $100 Million in production, helping hundreds of people achieve the American Dream.

Harnessing his greatest passion, helping loan officers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, Sean became a founding owner in Next Level Loan Officers, a coaching platform that not only helps people in their business, but all four pillars of their life; business, relationships, physicality and spirituality.

Sean’s mission through coaching loan officers is to help them achieve a work life balance in an industry that has lied to them and told them they need to be on call 24/7. By deploying his systems and strategies, he’s helped LOs and branch managers build a better work environment, more support, and better systems, while installing the technology to achieve it all.

Proving that he’s not just a one-trick pony, Sean has also consulted with chiropractors and the top brass in distribution product industries. The systems he teaches, the way he unpacks complex ideas, and the way he incorporates all four pillars of one’s being, are universal principles that spans industry.

When not leading his mortgage business or coaching loan officers, Sean is an active real estate investor who both owns commercial and residential property, as well as flips homes. During his down time, Sean enjoys being in the outdoors with his wife and two sons. As an avid baseball fan, Sean loves making memories with his family in the stands, rooting for the home team, the St. Louis Cardinals!

We talked all things mortgages, the market and health and well-being on this episode and it is pure FIRE.

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