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Dec 12, 2018

How are you planning your goals and dreams for 2019? This episode gives my top tips for creating new habits, particularly for people who are doing a side hustle and a full-time job. Time is different for people who are multi-passionate. You don’t have any to waste and if you are not your best self, you will be sluggish at the rest of life. One of the people I partner with is a landscaper named Greg. When he changed his life nutritionally, quit smoking and quit drinking, he was able to exponentially increase the revenue of his business.

Here are my top tips for being at your optimal health and productivity.

  • Start now! You could be 3 weeks into a new habit by January if you start now.

  • Figure out what habit is the one that is going to be imperative for your best health so that you have the most energy to work on your dreams (in the episode I give my one thing).

  • Get up 1-2 hours earlier each day and work on your dreams and yourself. One hour a day on your business or self equals 9 work weeks of productivity over the year.

  • Block out family time. Make it non negotiable. My calendar scheduler (Calendly) doesn’t allow people to book during my family time.

  • Create new neuro-pathways through a program like Healthy Mind and Body. Let me show you how to get it free! Message me for the link.

  • Get an accountability partner to talk to weekly. Keep it to 15 minutes each when you talk and come to the call with bullet points about what you want to be held accountable for the next week. Do not make it a complaining fest. I have had an accountability partner for 3 years. My current one and I chat on Sunday afternoons for 30 minutes about the week.

  • Write in your journal correctly. Don’t write complaints. Write out how you want your day to go. “Today was amazing. I crushed it at work….” Write it out like it’s already happened at the start of your day.

  • Be flexible about adjusting your course. If you find that your habit goal is not working, adjust, don’t quit.

What habits are you working on right now or in 2019? Join the discussion in our Facebook group this week about this week’s episode and this topic.


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