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Aug 22, 2018

We have one finite life.  


I will die one day. You will die one day. We all will die one day.

We have ONE finite life.  

Today's guest is on a mission to help you feel the weight of that statement so hard you take action at everything you want to accomplish.  April Seifert has a Ph.D. in social psychology and among many things (skydiver, data scientist, MS warrior, mom, podcaster, entrepreneur, power lifter, runner, course creator) her life mission is to help women step into the scary parts of their desires and dreams and take the leap.  

In this episode she tackles the topic of money in a way I have never experienced.  She asks you to answer the statement, "I am the type of person who makes __________ amount of money."  In answering this statement and digging into how to up the amount she gives tips for changing your brain patterns to convince your brain that in fact it does want to make more money.

We also cover the topics of why should you want to make more money, what money represents and she tells of how she was diagnosed as a teenager with MS and growing up living on one Totino's Pizza as a family of 4 after losing her dad to cancer. 

One of my favorite spots in this show is when she talks about risk taking with money and making sure that we have enough savings will help buy you options and mental safety.  I could totally relate in this moment, thinking back to times when our credit cards were full of debt and there was no safe feeling at all. 

April recommends taking small steps when you feel afraid and this episode is full of laughter, heartfelt moments, story telling that will make you remember the concepts and set your soul on fire to achieve that next goal. 

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