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Welcome to the Net Worth It Podcast, where you receive faith based mentorship to help you create a financial legacy and boldly build income streams. Each week you will hear from one of the God Squad who will help you level up and know what is your next step.

Aug 8, 2018

Do you have what it takes to build the life of your dreams?  After 3 years of coaching people into changing their financial health I have learned that side hustles take time, grit and hard work and not everyone who attempts them are going to succeed.  It makes me sad I can't help everyone, I can only help the ones willing to do the work.

In the beginning of my journey to change my money story, net worth and life, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was figuring out along the way, sleeping when I could, drinking shakes for 80% of my meals and always filling my earbuds with inspiration for the journey.  I cried, doubted, threatened to give up, spent nights scrolling successful people crushing it wondering what I was doing "wrong".  I worked so dang hard but not always smart.  That is the key.  There is no badge for busy or struggle.  There is no reward for those who put in the most hours. 

It was worth every second.

I survived because of one thing, I made it fun and built community around me.  I committed to never quitting and committed to helping as many people in the process because I knew the more people I helped, the more successful I would become based on the model of business I do.  

So do you have what it takes?  This episode will help you to discover whether or not you have some of the key characteristics needed to succeed. If you don't have them, you can develop them.  That is the good news.  Take a listen and let me know if you have what it takes!  I want to hear from you on Instagram


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