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Welcome to the Net Worth It Podcast, where you receive faith based mentorship to help you create a financial legacy and boldly build income streams. Each week you will hear from one of the God Squad who will help you level up and know what is your next step.

Mar 10, 2021

In this episode you will learn about:

  •  At what point you should consider to turn your hobby into a business
  •  What to do to start small with couponing to save money and enjoy affordable experiences
  • How to creatively contribute to the home in seasons of transition

In this episode, Rachel will interview Rachel Krych the founder of Couponing with Rachel and learn how she has gone from a social worker turned stay-at-home-mom turned Full Time nationally known business owner and coupon expert.  This fun and insightful interview will leave you ready to save some money and grow your business all at the same time.

Guest Bio

Rachel is a multi-business owner. With a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, she helped countless families but after becoming a mom she decided to stay home with her children. After attending a coupon class at a local bible study, her life changed. After much research, she became excited to see how making small changes in the family budget could help her contribute monetarily again. 

Her passion for saving money grew and she started teaching coupon classes of her own at churches nearby. Soon a Facebook page, "Couponing With Rachel" was created where she could offer advice and share deals with family and friends. As the Facebook page grew, she created a blog and started to speak state-wide at libraries, company events, and conferences. 

Rachel's blog continues to grow with over 200,000 monthly views nationwide. She writes a weekly frugal based column in a couple newspapers and appears regularly on Cleveland TV and radio.