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Oct 21, 2020

Brenna McGowan is an award-winning email copywriter who helps the words that sounded so good in your head, come out even better on the page.


Going from a stay-at-home mom who just wanted to make an extra 500 bucks two years ago to a booked up, in-demand copywriter working alongside some of the biggest names in the space, Brenna has a knack for helping clients tell everyday stories that fill up their programs and jack up their open over 50%!


When not hunkered down behind her MacBook, you can find Brenna walking her pug Frank, practicing yoga, reading chick lit or shuttling one of her three teenagers around their Northern California neighborhood.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to break up text
  • Why being conversational with your audience is important
  • Catch your audience’s attention right from the start
  • Why writing to everyone fails
  • What gets customers to share their email with you
  • Continually reference your lead magnet
  • Your audience may not have the problem you solve Right Now
  • Email your audience at least once a week to stay top of mind
  • Send a nurture sequence to keep your audience engaged with you
  • Do not continually sell on Social Media, focus selling through email
  • Use your Social Media to engage and capture your email list


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Instagram: @brennamcgowanco


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