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Net Worth It

May 27, 2020

Do you have a message for the world that is controversial?  Does it make you feel scared to do your passion for fear of haters and rejection?

Mya Metzel is here to change family history and prevent disease by speaking truth about the food industry and the problems with our healthcare system. She is a health coach...

May 20, 2020

Today’s guest is @stephanie_freiboth

She helps busy professionals like you gain clarity and leverage your network so you can make your next career move with confidence to live a more fulfilled life. 

No one should lie in bed at night dreading the 6 am alarm. If you are part of the staggering 71% of workers...

May 13, 2020

Do you ever feel like there’s a weight on your shoulders that you just can’t seem to shake?

No matter how hard you work at something and how good you get, there’s this nagging feeling that something isn’t right?

You try to suppress it but it still keeps surfacing, threatening to pull you down.

It’s as if a...

May 6, 2020

For over two decades Jim's passion for technology has shined through projects of all sizes and industries.  After seeing first hand the power tech has to make a greater impact, Jim has dedicated his life to giving change-makers the tools they need to succeed and thrive. As a passionate Technology Coach, Jim uses his 20+...

Apr 29, 2020

Gen Z is a generation that has grown up with digital ability that no other generation has. They are currently 10% of the workforce and within 10 years will be 40% of the workforce. They are the generation born during a changing digital landscape, generally born in 1995 or later. They have the ability to use technology...