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Net Worth It

Jun 28, 2018

To my aspiring entrepreneur,

I totally get your life.  You look at business opportunities and think, how could I possibly have enough time for one more thing but you are starting at moms crushing it in business and home life and wonder how the heck does she have time for that?!  When I saw an opportunity to make 5-10x...

Jun 27, 2018

ALERT Podcast RSS is moving. Remember when I told you I was a total noob starting this podcast?? Well, guess what?? I am learning ways to make it better and one of those is to move the hosting to Libsyn. I am stoked to move it because it means we can reach Spotify and Stitcher audiences and reach millions more. Sooooo,...

Jun 20, 2018

This episode is the story of a humble man who looked around at his industry and thought to himself, "This could be done better and I can figure out how." Eli Chamberlain is the owner of Cozyhome, an energy efficiency expert, and has a mission to help homes stop leaking money.

You will learn:

How to take an existing...

Jun 13, 2018

This episode is FULL of information about how to use your strengths to make you more money, improve your net worth, and most importantly how you view money.  

You will learn:

-How to view the energy of money in your life even when you have less than you need

-What shifts happen to you when all of your money and...

Jun 13, 2018

This episode is a preview to the episode with Zach Carlsen (Episode 13). I recommend listening to it first. In this episode I talk about how to take a Strengthsfinder assessment and how I used it to help me make more money by putting my top talents to work and surrounding myself with people who had my bottom talents.