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Net Worth It

May 9, 2018

Episode 7: How Do YOU Want to Live? with Dave Dettmann

(and how he helped me find 50K)

Today's guest is my very own financial advisor! Let me tell you a little story first.

Today's guest is my very own financial adviser! Let me tell you a little story first.

Mike and I thought we knew it all when it came to investing...we thought we didn't need an expert helping us and even more so than that, our situation was so dire we were embarrassed to ask for help. Our experience with previous advisers had never been personalized in a way that felt aligned with who we are and what we want out of life and mostly many of them told us advice we already knew (even though we weren't doing it). Our ego stopped us from moving forward. So we did nothing for YEARS.

Until Dave.

Dave didn't try to win me over with his impressive knowledge or go over my finances in the first meeting, show me portfolios, bios or marketing material. He first and foremost wanted to know what excited us and what our dreams were and what we wanted out of life. Instead of telling me how much money I would need to live on in 30 years he asked me what I love to do and what experiences are important to me. It totally helped me to re-look at how I view investing.

In this episode Dave talks about how couples can work together to improve their finances and how to know when it time to ask for help. He also gives practical tips about looking at the type of life you want to live and how to align your finances with those desires. He is cheerful and funny and a total regular guy who at his core wants for his clients exactly what he wants for himself.... a life of impact.

Dave is a financial adviser with the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management company. He has received many honors and recognition within the field of financial planning/advising since he started in 2011. Beyond the industry, and more importantly, Dave is a Christ follower a loving husband to his wife Rachel and dedicated father to his two daughters Adalie (7) and Eliza (4). When he is not guiding clients towards financial security or spending time with his family he spends his time wood working, mountain biking and staying healthy through Crossfit (yes he is one of those Crossfitters). He believes that living a life by design is better than one by default. This shines through in this episode.

Dave didn't always work in finance. He was a teacher prior to this and owned a successful photography business. He tells in this episode what made him change careers. His story is such a great example of how changing your net worth sometimes means changing careers and always includes changing your mindset. I can't wait for you to hear all about it.

How to reach Dave:

Dave Dettmann CFP® CLU® ChFC® phone: (651) 289-6550 Cell: (612) 293-8087



It is my intention that in each episode you gain TONS of value in how you can change your own net worth. There is some exciting things coming up on our show and one of them is the Net Worth It Facebook Group where we will work together to change our net worth. Watch for details on that in next week's episode with some cool tools to help you track your net worth.

Cheers friend,

xoxo Gretch