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Net Worth It

Jul 24, 2019

I am on a mission people. I AM DETERMINED TO LIVE A MORE SIMPLE LIFE. I am sick of all the shizzzzz around me all the time and the drawers full of crap and the kitchen full of gadgets I never use. I am sick of all the clothes in my closet I don’t wear and I am most of all sick OF. ALL. THE. TOYS. NO. ONE. PLAYS. WITH.

Like for reals. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

I am moving in 2 days and I am making sure none of that stuff is coming with. I decided to try my luck with Facebook Marketplace and I ended up making $1,500 in one week. And let me tell you this before you get any ideas. Most of my stuff is mediocre. It’s not like I am selling fancy stuff. In fact, the fancy stuff I am trying to sell isn’t selling. So if you are an average person, doing average living, you probably can make up to $1,500 or more just getting rid of stuff you aren’t using laying around your warehouse.

Here is why you want to listen though. Facebook Marketplace is hit or miss. There are some tricks you want to implement to make your item sell for more. After some trial and error I figured out some ways to increase your revenue and provide more value for the person buying. Enjoy this week’s episode.

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