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Net Worth It

Mar 27, 2019

One of the things I get asked the most is, “How do you podcast?”

I’ve done countless calls on it, Zoom conferences and messages for it. I love connecting with you individually on how this nurse has grown a multiple 5-figure business on the side of working full-time. Podcasting is one of those ways. Anyone can start a podcast. This podcast was the result of God literally telling me to speak to people and teach them how to get out of financial ruin. So even if God doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night to give you a personal mission- you can start a podcast and here is how and why you might want to start one.

If you have a talent in any area, you can monetize it and having a podcast will help you. I literally cannot think of any circumstance where you starting a podcast wouldn’t add value somewhere. Let’s take for example a dog poop clean up service. I’m serious. Hear me out. If you had a service about cleaning up dog poop you could start a podcast about dogs. You could make it on any topic. Any topic at all. It could have episodes from various Veterinarians talking about dog health to solo episodes about how much poop a dog will have with various sized dogs and things to consider in owning a pet. You could do episodes of pet owners talking about why they love their breed, considerations, etc. All the while you are attracting people to YOUR SOLUTION of picking up dog poop for them while ADDING VALUE to them. See the equation? Problem + Value =Paid Solution. Think about EVERY company out there that sells a solution. They add value to their audience. I even had value added to me by diaper samples for our foster kid in the Target Isles. They know I will be hanging out there and they have stands to show me different brands. They don’t cold call me to ask me if I want to buy their diapers. They offer VALUE.

Maybe my dog poop example was too much for you.

Let’s say that you are a hair stylist.

You could start a podcast on hair trends. Talk about products, hair tips, etc. You could interview people who have advanced styling techniques and have a blog that accompanies your podcast that shows photos - or even an Instagram account and put your podcast link in your bio.

My point is that anyone can start a podcast on any topic. If you are giving value to an audience that cares what you are talking about , you have a reason to podcast. But there are some considerations. Let’s talk about those.

First, it’s going to require you to commit to the show. You don’t have to create a weekly episode but you need to create consistent content. Your audience is going to want to hear from you and the more frequently you give them content, the easier it will be to grow. Next, podcasting requires you to learn a few skills. I am going to go over a few of those in this episode.

The podcast provides my business with weekly engagement from potential customers ALL YEAR. My business moved from a domestic to an international business directly from my podcast. My podcast is listened to in over 12 countries, of which my business is capable of expanding into most of them. Have I convinced you yet you need this?

The second consideration for a podcast is - are you willing to be bad long enough to get good at it? You aren’t going to be excellent right away. You will fumble over your words, feel stuck, not feeling like interviewing people, get nervous interviewing people and over all get frustrated with technology along the way.

Don’t worry.

So here are what you need to podcast and how much each item costs.

  1. Find your message. Ask around in Facebook groups and online if people would be interested in your topic. Do a Quora search for your topic to see if people are asking about your topic. Then get it Trademarked through the USPTO. DON’T SKIP THIS or some yahoo will come and steal your idea and trademark it for themselves.

  2. Apply for the podcast on iTunes. They have step by step instructions on how to do that in the iTunes help features.

  3. Find a site to host your podcast. I currently use Libsyn for $15/month but when I started I used Pinecast for $5/month. Libsyn has extra features like being able to tell what country your listeners are from as well as the ability to push your podcast to Facebook, Linked In, Spotify and Stitcher. Pinecast is excellent if you want to just send the link yourself out to your social sites. I love their customer service and they can also integrate to Spotify!

  4. Buy your equipment. You will need a mic and that is about it. I use an ATR 2100 USB mic.

  5. Use Zoom to record your podcast. I have a paid Zoom account so I am not limited to 30 minutes. Zoom is something I use in my business every day so using it to record was a seamless transition.

  6. Take the recording mp4 file and input it into Garage Band. I tried my darnedest to learn a non mac software for this and found that it is just easier to buy a mac. You can also hire this step out and I have an excellent resource for this. Send me a message for it - I’m not putting his contact info here in case later on he doesn’t take on clients and this post annoys him that people are still contacting him. Let’s pause here for a minute. It’s impossible for me to explain in a post or in this recorded episode all the steps of GarageBand. It’s something I have to show you or let YouTube show you.

  7. Now that you have your finalized mp4 file, you upload it into Libsyn or your host. Libsyn has step by step videos on this but it’s also pretty intuitive. Some of the features on Libsyn I don’t know how to use and I don’t care. You can contact them for those specifics. You will want to make some cover art for this. Cover art will show up on the episodes in Spotify but in iTunes it will be your generic cover art that you used to set up iTunes show. I am doing a whole episode soon on how I use Canva for this. You can check that out soon.

  8. The last step is writing the show notes. This is where you want to talk about the episode. Your title should add value to the customer. They need to read the title and know what they are going to get out of it.

  9. Finally, share your podcast episode to your audience. I use a blog to do that, Mailchimp and my social media platforms.

So there you have it. How to start a podcast. Cheers friend and happy podcasting!

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