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Net Worth It

Mar 6, 2019

We are on month 3 of recording my mentoring calls with my mentor! Have you been following along with the Allison episodes? I asked her to help me make 100K this year. I am about $15,000 in and doing ALL THE THINGS to make it happen. I realized that I was lacking some serious skills in order to be the person who can make 100K. In the email this week with the listeners I go into a long story about what letting my ego go and letting my soul shine and giving you permission to do so. Sign up here:

This mentoring call was about how to coach people. It’s the area I need the most growth. Coaching people isn’t something you will be innately good at. You have to learn the skills. You listening to this episode right now is the best first step you can do to becoming better at coaching people to greatness. Here are the top tips Allison gives about how to coach people. I learned so much on this call and I know you will too.

  1. Get rid of your ego. Coaching people isn’t about what great advice you are going to give them. It’s about helping them to see their own areas of growth needed.

  2. Realize that people get into greatness in stages.

    • From rock bottom to ok

    • From ok to decent

    • From decent to thriving

  3. You have to get to know them first. You have to know what will make them do something or not do something. Sit with them. Have them tell you why they are doing what they do. Ask a ton of questions. Ask why 5 levels deep (the episode shows you how).

  4. Ask people for a level of commitment. Say, “You just told me _________________ (repeat back their pain points), how committed are you on a scale of 1-10 to changing this? In the episode she tells what to say with each of the numbers.

  5. Dance with them. Ask them what they need from you. Have grace with them that they are going to need 10,000 hours to become good at things. Be patient and have fun!


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