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Net Worth It

Feb 13, 2019

This week is the second month of recording calls with Courtney Mott. Courtney is on a journey to use a side hustle to reduce her debt and I am coaching her on how to do that. The first month she identified that playing big and not caring what people thought of her is where she needed to go next. She worked on that like mad in the month of January and references several courses and people she went to in order to seek out how to do that. This month she dives into how she is going from absorbing the personal development content to actually implementing a strategy that she can follow daily and like clockwork to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

I loved recording this episode with her because she is truly someone who is taking the steps to make it happen.

You might be wondering why I decided to record Courtney and my own journey this year. I’ll tell you why. I listen to hours and hours of podcasts each month of successful people giving you their story. It feels so far away to me. I can’t relate to them most often because I need the stepping stones to how they got there. This season is all about showing you the “how we got there”. We are literally recording our journey as we go with the lessons we are learning and documenting exactly how to do it.

If you are at the beginning stages of your journey, this season is for you. You can follow Courtney’s episodes to see how she is getting out of debt and you can follow my journey as I pursue my first 6 figure year in my side gig.

Money isn't our motivator. It’s the freedom of choice. No debt means choice for Courtney. Choice to know that she is in control of her spending. Six figures represents choice for me. Choice to know that I can create an impactful income for my family without an employer.

Come along for the ride. We are so excited you are here.

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