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Net Worth It

Nov 28, 2018

What if you could get excited about $5 left over at the end of the month instead of feeling panic? Today’s guest teaches you how to get excited about what is going right in your money situation vs focusing on the lack. Sometimes when we have a lack of money we starting hating it or hating people who have a lot of it (or other jealous feelings). It can put such a strain on your life. I talk extensively about this in previous episodes.


It’s just a part of life. Our brains were designed to keep us from danger and keep us safe so often with money it can feel dangerous or uncertain and our brains will hide from thinking about it to stay safe. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can rewire and shift the way we see things and the way we perceive things. In the beginning it can be hard but it gets better!


There is a love triangle between money, energy and us. Because debit cards and credit cards are so prevalent, people never really FEEL their money. I am guilty of this. Most of us haven’t ever carried cash like our dads did. Joyce encourages people to actually FEEL MONEY. Carry it around with you, spend with it and feel it so you can start to remember the energy of the green.


If you are struggling with spending sprees, spending too much, etc, start asking your brain different questions and tell it different stories. Instead of saying, “This is too expensive!” or “I can’t afford that” try saying, “How can I afford this?” or “I will find a way to have this in my life.” I tell myself every day that “Money finds me where ever I go”. Tell your brain what the new reality is. Tell yourself, “I am so responsible with money and I find more of it all the time.”

You might have noticed from the episode that this episode was recorded about 7 months ago when I was doing full-time entrepreneurship. I have since merged into a very fulfilling role as a nurse and am doing my business. I”m not going to lie, it has required me to be very intentional about my time. However, I feel most alive when I am productive and have a fuller schedule. I LOVE being financially free and I also love being stretched. I will continue to do both my business and this gig for as long as it feels right. Ultimately my goal is to make 7 figures annually and next year our goal is to get us 1/3 of the way there. This gig at the school helps a lot to get us closer to our goal. I vowed I would never take a job that drained my soul ever again and this one so far has been so fulfilling, I can see myself doing it for a while.

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