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Net Worth It

Oct 24, 2018

I’ve been doing network marketing full-time for a year now. I worked hard to replace my take home pay from my job as a nurse and we made the decision for me to quit my job at the hospital to be more present with my kids, one of which was pre-school aged at the time. It was a beautiful yet challenging time for me to be home with her because I wasn’t used to full-time mom life. OMG it’s harder than I thought. In that first few months of being home with her I found myself getting more and more loose with our spending plan. I found myself dipping into savings a little each month and thankfully our savings is high, it’s not the plan I am on! I am on the net worth improvement plan, not the net leak plan. I have since stopped the leak but it impacted our net worth enough to make me pause. We looked again at our vision for our family, what we want our family to look like in 5 years and our ultimate goal in 5 years is to be able to live completely on residual and passive income.

But in there is a middle.

A place where you have to hustle a job and a side gig.

A place where you work during the day and then work to create the extra income in between getting off work and bedtime, mixed in with sports, dinner, baths and stories. It’s the space between doing calls on your lunch break and recording podcast episodes at weird hours and working on Saturday and Sunday at trade shows and vendor booths and checking your Facebook messages more frequently than your friends who use Facebook for leisure.

The magic is in the middle.

The difficulty is in the middle.

It’s when most people quit.

The middle takes extreme creativity to balance your life and 90% of people aren’t willing to do it. You must become a higher level person to handle higher level problems. Sadly so many people quit in the middle and never make it to the other side where all the good stuff exists. In the right side hustle, the middle is incredibly fun.

Mike and I are in the middle and recently I was presented with an opportunity to add another revenue stream to our income, but it means me going back into employment. The exciting part, is it is a nursing opportunity that brings me great joy and passion and also includes all summer off. It’s the first time ever I have taken a job because I felt called to and wanted to vs taking it because of needing it financially. There was a part of me that was worried about whether I could handle it and how it would look to keep blogging, podcasting and working our nutrition business, while adding this new passion project on. At the end of the day what made made decide to take it is the vision for my future and knowing that I can thrive in the middle.

This opportunity will allow us an entire extra income stream, be incredibly exciting to go to and will not take away from the time I have with my kids. Moms of preschool and under- life gets incredibly easier when all your kids are in school (and more affordable) so hang tight because it will go fast. The income from this opportunity will do three things that support my vision: 1. Tithe over 5 figures a year 2. Buy 3 flights a month home to Arizona. 3. Buy 2 additional rental properties that will over time provide thousands of dollars of passive income to our household, all the while our other business is growing steadily.

There was a part of me that was worried what people in the entrepreneurial space would think. “She must not be making any money in Isagenix.” “Her money story is too employee mindset.” “She is giving up.” These were the literal stories I told myself for weeks. Our stories are so powerful, whether they are positive or negative. I choose to tell myself the most empowering story possible.

Here is the story I re-wrote.

My story is that my deepest core desire is to impact lives. My story is that this opportunity will allow me the best way to impact lives. My story is that I am smart to have multiple streams of revenue right now. My story is that this extra income and impact is going to bless a lot of lives by me circulating my time and money. My story is that I will build my net worth through all of it.

The more people I touch each day means I can impact more lives. Of course my own family’s lives are the first place of impact and having a stable financial core for us to be able to create meaning in our lives, spend time together and have our needs met is key. Beyond that, I will impact other’s lives as well. I will help people get out of physical and financial pain, particularly children. We became licensed foster parents to do just that and for some reason we didn’t get calls for a placement. I didn’t understand why until this opportunity to impact 1,000 kids (verse one at a time) was placed on me. Maybe God dropped this into my lap to remind me that impact isn’t always what we think it will be.

Today on the podcast I interview Chris Browning. He is a financial expert with his own journey of needing to take a hard look at his own finances. Just because you are an expert in finance doesn’t always mean you have it all together. He experienced his own hardships due to medical expenses, wedding, moving and getting married.

Can you relate?

He is a financial teacher who had his own money problems. How crazy is that? It’s normal actually. He took his own advice and got himself back on track.

We are all subject to money hardships. Chris advises the first step is to really figure out how much you are spending. Sit down and write out a detail budget of 1-2 months worth of spending. It usually is pretty obvious where the money is leaking. Chris found that food was one of his biggest spending areas. Once you understand the flow of money you can start allocating it. Chris breaks down his own plan and goals for his money to get himself retiring early.




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