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Net Worth It

Oct 16, 2018

It’s not always glitz and glamour when starting a business. It took today’s guest, Trevor Crane, 20 years to publish his first book.

Trevor 10x his income when he published the book through back end products and other programs that resulted from the book.

Do me a favor, write down your desired income. Now add a zero to it (making it 10x the amount). Would you like to 10x your income? Of course you would! We all would.

Trevor’s YouTube channel, books and programs make it seem like it has always been that way for him but he filed a 2 million dollar bankruptcy in 2009. He knows the highs and lows of business life. He had failed relationships as a result of that and his net worth went to negative. Through it all, he still knew he could come back. He didn’t know how at the time- but he got help and today has a thriving business. Knowing how to package and market the challenges you have been through is what makes the most impact on other people’s lives when you go to help them.

I saw this come true in this podcast journey. I was really hesitant to break apart and expose the parts of my marriage that very few saw. Talking about me throwing a hot bowl of oatmeal at Mike on Episode 5 was something I knew would come out if I pursued this journey.

If you want more influence, more contentedness, more income, then have the courage to take the skeletons out of your closet and share your story. The new currency is authenticity.

Stay for the end of the episode because Trevor tells you the BEST way to network with people in a way that people will want to do business with you along with four questions to ask people when you are networking and the two things that all people want that you can help them with!

Trevor has some resources he wants to give you about writing a book so check out his link here for those:

Much love to you this week.




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