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Net Worth It

Sep 26, 2018

Teri Dale is the author of multiple books and is a holistic health coach and a cancer survivor. She admits that early in her career as an entrepreneur she didn’t manage her stress and she feels her stress contributed to the proliferation of cancer in her body. She had to make a choice then and there of what she was going to do treat her cancer. She chose to do it holistically without chemo or radiation against her doctor’s advice and 9 months later had a clean PET scan. After cancer she knew she needed to make a shift in her entrepreneurship journey to manager her stress better. She shifted her businesses, became an author and now runs a successful holistic coaching practice for women with a particular passion for those with diabetes or cancer diagnoses.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being type A and how that can impact your health

  • Going from layoff to entrepreneur

  • Becoming an author and how to write a book

  • Leaving the 9-5 and pursuing your dreams

  • Re-framing failure

  • The power of our thoughts

Teri’s success is driven by a love of learning and helping people getting results. She knew if she helped enough people get what they want, she would be successful (SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES). She knew she could monetize her passion and she recommends that for maximum success, focus on giving value that leads to results and simultaneously stay a step ahead of the competitor. If your competition is doing x, figure out what y is and do THAT to an ever greater service capacity than the competition.

Here are some of Teri’s top tips in this episode:

Stay well educated, take risk, stay up with technology. When you encounter failure, it is a sign that is helping you to learn how to change what you are doing. It is an opportunity to learn….to make a shift…to change to what will work.

Things happen for us, not against us. That is the mindset we have to have in life. Our thoughts about our specific situation is going to determine our results. Negative thoughts will result in negative outcomes. If you ever want to change how you feel about something, you just need to change how you think about it. When you are at peace in your mind, everything in life is easier to deal with.

Teri’s advice on how to start writing a book:

Find out your story. Find a coach. She believes that if you want to do anything excellent, you need to hire a coach to help you. Then DECIDE it’s going to happen and don’t get stuck in the fear of failure and getting caught up on the how.

How to reach Teri:


Instagram: @teridale_author

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Much love to you this week.


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