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Net Worth It

Sep 19, 2018

Mike and I have owned several businesses ranging from wellness consulting, construction sales, apartment and single family rental properties, and the one I am about to talk about.

Network Marketing.

Just hearing the word can elicit a response in some people. I know this because I live it EVERYDAY. I literally have been told, “I avoid you guys because I don’t want to be looped into your scheme.”

Well, if that is you, this episode is JUST for you. Mike and I recorded this episode to debunk the myths of this industry and shed some personal experience into it. 80% of people in America are in debt. Network Marketing is a REALLY great way to help get yourself out of debt. I know this because I used it to get out of debt.

Id like to think I am a nice person with strong values, good ethics and a good sense of humor. I’d like to think I am not the type of person that would “loop someone into a scheme” and mislead someone in any way.


There are slimy contractors. Mike isn’t one of them. In fact he is one of the most respected experts in the construction defect industry and highly sought after by many high level attorneys and has been recruited by the top companies. He is proud of his industry and doesn’t quit on it because of a few bad contractors out there. In fact, he usually has to clean up their shoddy work.

There are horrible nurses. I have worked with some. I have seen nurses steal opiates, talk crap about their patients at the nurses station and show up to work high. I am not one of them. I provided excellent care to all the patients I encountered and always put their rights and needs first. I didn’t quit becoming a nurse because of a few bad nurses that get caught, fired and their license stripped.

There are tasteless network marketers. People with little to no sales experience and take a dream to become a millionaire overnight with no effort and sell irresponsibly. I am not one of them. I for sure made communication mistakes as I learned sales (there isn’t a lot of training on sales as a nurse).

What we cover in this episode:

  • How product moves in network marketing distribution models

  • How technology factors into today’s direct selling economy

  • Overhead, write offs, and cost of doing business

  • Being weird

  • Pro sales tips for network marketers from Mike who sells million dollar projects in the construction industry

  • The numbers-how big is the industry compared to the NFL, NHL, film, and music industry

  • What the future of network marketing looks like

  • Why we got into it, how to become good at it, and why so many people fail at it

If you know someone who needs education about the network marketing industry, please consider sharing this with them. The more educated we can all be about this industry, the more we can live in it responsibly.

Much love to you this week.


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