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Net Worth It

Sep 12, 2018

Does your money story need to be healed?

Today’s episode can help you.

Money is one of the top three reasons why people get divorced. Money can be a topic of confidence instead of shame. It can be healing instead of painful. But you have to get naked financially in order for that to happen and let yourself or others into your money situation to help you!

Take baby steps.

Even deciding to take ownership of your money is a baby step.

Money is energy. It is constantly in flow.

Lisa Witonis helps people with this. She shares her own money story of paying off $240,000 of debt without selling their house. She is a prior teacher turned money educator. Prior to paying that money off she had to dive into what scared her the most. She knew if she had a plan she would know what the next step was. One of the ways that we get stuck in a money story that doesn’t need to be our story is when others imprint a story on us and we believe them. Liza was told “Teachers don’t make any money” and she then allowed that to be imprinted on her mind. She shares from beginning to end how she paid that debt off.

Watch Liza Jedi mind trick me when I tell her my goals to be a 7 figure earner goal. She recommends that I act like I would if I was ALREADY earning 7 figures a year. She coaches me to welcome in the wealth and be a shepherd of it. I also pour my heart out about my recent overspending and ask for help on what to do about it. She walks me through a visualization of what to do in the those overspending moments when I am staring at the online cart with the items in it I know are going to push me over the spending plan. She walks me through how to self soothe and tell my IMG (inner mean girl) to stop telling me a story that isn’t mine with this question:

“How can I service the feelings I am feeling right now and and replace it with an empowering statement?”

How can I get in alignment with what you really want?

Do you use words like “Can’t afford it” or “Too Expensive”?

Whatever you are saying that statement to is something that you are not valuing. If you are using those words you don’t value the item. If your customers are saying this to you, then this is a clue you need to add more value!

So what if you are in the beginning and haven’t made the money yet? What if you have a side hustle that isn’t yet making money? What if you are starting a new network marketing business and you don’t yet have a team? Liza recommends that in these moments you have to VISUALIZE that it’s actually there. You have to take your side hustle serious, take the emotions out of money and take concrete steps to get there.

You can change the legacy of your family and have hope for the future.

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