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Net Worth It

Sep 5, 2018

Do you understand the importance of branding and trademark protection?  A friend of mine asked me if I had Trademarked my Net Worth It brand and I was like, "Say whaaaa???"  She then told me a story of when one of her Facebook groups had to be changed because someone infringed their Trademark rights on her because the names were similar.  So I immediately went to the USPTO office and applied for my own Trademark.  It totally would have been helpful to know someone like today's guest while I was applying to save me the headache of potentially making a mistake on the application.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Derek Hawkins helps people with branding and trademarks to protect your brand.  The biggest key in trademark is exclusivity, where you are the first one to use the brand.  If you operate on your own brand that has a name, symbol and identity this episode is for you. I have a trademark for Net Worth It™ but not for my nutrition business because I am a 1099 of the company I partner with and operate that under my personal taxes at this point until it is put into a LLC or S-Corp. Being a 1099 partner is one reason I love that business, it is so much less work as a busines owner than my Net Worth It brand.

There are 5 different marks of trademark that exist and Derek breaks down the different types and when you use them.  He also talks about the different types of classes and categories within the USPTO for branding.  Trademarking is a lot more complicated than I thought it was and I am excited for all of you side hustlers who need this to protect your awesome biz ideas!

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