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Net Worth It

Jun 28, 2018

To my aspiring entrepreneur,

I totally get your life.  You look at business opportunities and think, how could I possibly have enough time for one more thing but you are starting at moms crushing it in business and home life and wonder how the heck does she have time for that?!  When I saw an opportunity to make 5-10x my income by working for myself vs my employer and have all the PTO in the world and still do life changing work, I jumped on it.  5 years is going to go by whether I do it or not and I would rather look back 5 years from now and know that I did everything I could to have a life of meaning, abundance and freedom instead of plug away at my job.

I chose a business opportunity with low overhead for a reason ($29/year and I eat $150 of food each month which I <LEGALLY> write off as overhead).  Prior to this business I owned another business and that one FAILED. BIG FAT F. My husband affectionately called it my hobby because of how little money I made.  LOL I knew I had the tenacity and grit to make it in my own gig but I just didn't have the vehicle.  Lack of ideas was not my problem, knowing how to get it off the ground was.  When I stared the lower overhead business of helping people get delicious organic and complete meals delivered to their house and coached them on how to feel and look better and make money themselves in the process, I saw how important it was going to be for me to maximize my time because I was still working in my healthcare job at the time I started.  I needed to replace up to 70% of my income before I could even consider quitting and doing the business alone. It took me 2.5 years to replace my income and let me tell you working both a job, having 3 kids and a side hustle requires you to get laser focused on how you spend your time!

While the business I chose has low overhead, just like every business, relationships are vital to customer base and relationships take time to nurture.  I saw that I was going to need to make sure that all of my "business time" was spent with helping people and not on tasky things in the business like this beautiful website, the graphics and brand I have or the daily social media posts I do on multiple outlets.  The biggest mistake I see people make in my industry is they spend too much time being distracted by busy work and do not spend enough time investing in things that actually make you money and I am guilty of this weekly if I don't keep it in check.  It is easier to work on a website than call a prospect or ask for a sale. It's easier to hide behind a computer than get out and meet people.  Meeting new people can be exhilarating and exciting if you make it you story to be so, but most people tell themselves a sadder story that it is scary and exhausting.  Whichever story you chose to come out of your thoughts and mouths will be the true story. 

So this episode are some of my favorite apps to help free up your time so that you are spending your time on income producing activities and relationships vs all your time making fancy graphics and setting up calls for yourself.  But my biggest tip of all is, do it messy.  Don't wait for it to be perfect.  My mastermind group reminded me yesterday that the word perfect comes from the word "parfit" and means that it took something already existing and then refined it.  So before you can even think about being perfect, you have to just START THE DANG THING.

There is a more complete list of my favorite apps in our Facebook Group so join us inside!