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Net Worth It

Jun 13, 2018

This episode is a preview to the episode with Zach Carlsen (Episode 13). I recommend listening to it first. In this episode I talk about how to take a Strengthsfinder assessment and how I used it to help me make more money by putting my top talents to work and surrounding myself with people who had my bottom talents.

I was disappointed when I first learned my strengths. I had command and self-assurance as #1 and #2.

So basically I am a bossy B**^%???? (That is what I thought.)

However, it wasn't that my natural talents were innately bad, it's that I wasn't using them to help me succeed. Zach has really helped me with this.

Also in this episode I talk about the percentage my business has grown since focusing on this and the success of my customers on our nutrition. Our customers have a 70% retention rate on our nutrition and in America the average retention rate of a nutrition plan is 30%!!! WE are beating the national average by 40%!!!!!

Also, our team has had a 300% increase in earning an income since starting to focus on my strengths as a leader. I have learned how to better distribute my talents and time and surround myself with teammates who had some of the talents I was lacking so we could be more effective!

You can reach Zach at: 651-472-3915

I can't wait to hear about YOUR strengths! Come join the conversation in our Facebook Group about it!

xoxo Gretchen