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Net Worth It

May 30, 2018

Episode 10: You Will Never Drift to Where You Want to Go with Natalee Champlin (and have a successful family life in the process)

This week you get to meet Natalee, pretty much one of the most fun entrepreneur mom friends I have ever met. Natalee is the creator of the Facebook group My Best Self, owns her own branding and business strategy business and is the current host of Season 3 of The Mentee. She is also a mom of two kids, neither of which are school aged yet. Natalee has completely transformed how I look and view time and the value of time and how to maximize it.

In this episode you will learn: -Tools and resources to maximize being a mom of young kids and growing a side hustle -How to find like-minded friends who want to change the world -Resources she uses to value and respect time to be efficient such as Nozbe, Calendly, and your iPhone. -How to create a must do list and a nice to do list. -How to be the best parent and life boss.

Natalee is all about not pretend you know something when you don't and that there are not stupid questions. She teaches you how to Learn how to get clear where you want to go and how to get there. She challenges you to think about this question: Do you want to live in a fake reality or understand what is true about yourself and grow?

"You will never drift where you want to go" is my favorite one liner from this episode. If you want to make more money and net worth you need to start with your mindset so that you can produce habits that determine how you spend your time which will give you outcomes of more money. Natalee drops truth bombs left and right on this episode and her decades of surrounding herself with people like Geoff Woods and Michael Hyatt have helped her to become the person she is today. She is crystal clear with you that upgrading your life is necessary to change your net worth.

We talk about how to make forward momentum you have to take action, even if it is in 5-10 minute increments. We geek out on the concept of inertia and how to stay in momentumt even when you feel paralzyed.

Here is how to surround yourself with more of Natalee's life:

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