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Net Worth It

Aug 28, 2019

Today you will meet Stephanie Domrose.  She is a beauty expert who after 13 years in a traditional salon setting, changed her whole life to create a possibility for herself where she can live a life that has purpose, passion and meaning.  She created Embeau where she helps people with empowerment coaching and still does wedding beauty services.  


You will learn:

  • How your environment affects your self-awareness

  • How to live “balanced”

  • How to create momentum in a new endeavour

  • Her story of leaving an abusive marriage and unfulfilling career 


About Stephanie:

Stephanie is an empowerment coach and beauty entrepreneur and founder of the e-course Choose Your Story: A Course About Creating Your Life On Purpose.  

She empowers women through online education, one on one coaching, her award-winning bridal beauty business, and inspirational story-telling.  Stephanie lives in a constant state of transition- insisting on intentional growth and change in order to live her most fully expressed life.


Find Stephanie at:, Instagram: @embeaumn