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Net Worth It

Oct 30, 2018

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Did you see my Instagram post that I am re-entering employment? I have been a full-time entrepreneur for the last year. I get up when I want, I workout at 10 am, I take a nap at 2pm if I am tired and I eat my lunch sitting at my kitchen table.

That is all about to change.

Mike and I are on a mission to change our net worth and create 10K of monthly residual income by the time I am 40. He is a weeeee bit older so we already missed that mark in him. We used to get caught up in the glitz and glam of people posting about how they are “retired” at these crazy young ages and long for that life. Ok so I have it now and want to know something? It’s great, yes, but I also am realizing that I can create even more financial security for my family by working both my residual based business and a job and since I don’t HAVE TO have a job right now, I can take ones that I am really excited to go to each day.

I was recruited by a local school system to work as a Licensed School Nurse in two of the schools in a nearby district where the kids experience some underserved hardships. Helping kids in need is my JAM! We are licensed foster parents now and we donate much of our income to programs that benefit kid’s needs. It’s never a kids fault for them to grow up in a suckwad life and if I can help them have it a little better and have a little more hope, it trumps a nap at 2pm.


So you are going to see more posts about how to fit in a side hustle into a full-time life because that is what I am going back to. I did it for 2 years in the beginning of my journey and I can do it again. This time I am much more equipped for it! I did a whole episode for you on my typical day that will air in December so watch for that. It will help those of you trying to balance ALL THE THINGS.

Today’s episode though is my home girl Lindsay Zweber. Lindsay is one of those mom friends that you just love being around. She is beautiful, sweet, and a hustler. She has her own side business as well as her and her husband tell on the show today how they started real estate investing in college that is totally paying off now. If you have a teenager who is about to go into college, this episode is for you. And before you start thinking that it’s too late for you, she did this all in 10-15 years so as long as you plan on living another 15 years, this could be you later on in life. But it wasn’t and isn’t always easy for her. She makes choices that some wouldn’t and this is why she is so successful. Successful people always make choices that broke people won’t.


Lindsay talks about how she does the things now like clean toilets in the rentals that def don’t bring her joy and glam but she knows they are things that are helping her financially big time for her future. I love her futuristic mindset.

Enjoy listening to my convo with Lindsay. What do you think about me going back to work? My mom is beside herself. She already thinks I do too much. Don’t worry mom. I can do hard things and I tell myself that everyday.


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