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Net Worth It

Oct 31, 2018

The first Christmas that we really took our debt problem serious I knew that I needed to significantly scale back our Christmas spending. I was already on such a tight budget that even spending anything was a problem. It wasn’t that we made not money, it was that we had SO MANY PAYMENTS.

Car payments

credit card payments

truck payments

mortgage payment

utility payments

school loan payments

hockey registration payments (this is a real thing in Minnesota)

life insurance payments

health insurance payments

The list goes on…

Can you relate?

So I committed fiercely to stop the madness. Mike and I skipped presents for each other, we bought the oldest child (who was tween at the time) new presents because we didn’t want him feeling like he was living in the poor house and we bought the infant nothing and we bought the preschooler presents from the Goodwill. I think I actually wrapped some toys around the house for the infant that she wouldn’t know was something we already owned.

YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Do you know how sad this was for me? And humbling? In the grand scheme this was total first world problems, I get that. I also worked Christmas that year at the hospital and we opened presents a different day so I could get double time that day.

In this week’s episode I am giving you my top tips for not going into debt on Christmas. It’s not the latest deals and savings and there are no coupons. My tips are emotional buying pattern tips that you may be falling prey to. I am excited for you to take a listen.

I am also offering the BIGGEST PROMO I have ever done in helping people. I am showing you this Christmas how to earn $300-$1,000 extra in the next 3 weeks with my No Credit Christmas campaign. Book a call this week if you want the details.


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